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Causes of Female Infertility

About 20% of couples have difficulty getting pregnant. And the vast majority of infertile couples have problems in men as in women.

Neither the infertility or sterility are diseases nor there is a better than another solution. These disorders are merely manifestations of true diseases or defects, whose diagnosis without the possibility of pregnancy is remote or impossible.

Usually the problems that cause female infertility are easy to solve. Fortunately are rarely serious or incurable.
Nevertheless many women are subjected to extreme unsuccessfully, costly and possibly dangerous procedures.
The problem is not timely detect and correct the causes of infertility
The causes of female infertility are many and therefore there is no one treatment to cure infertility. Treatment depends on the cause.
The main causes of infertility and female infertility originate in:
Utero, malformations, adenomyosis, infections and tumors
Cervical (neck) malformations, endometriosis, surgery, cysts, infections and tumors
Tubal obstruction caused mainly by endometriosis, infections, deformities, tumors and ectopic old
Pelvic inflammatory disease, infections and endometriosis
Ovarian tumors, cysts and endometriosis
Vagina, by alterations of the cervical mucus, allergy, infection, trauma, lubricants, etc.
Chronic illness as colagenosis
History of maternal exposure to diethylstilbestrol (DES)
Thyroid Diseases
Hyperprolactinemia caused by hypothalamic tumors, drugs and metabolic factors obesity
Loss of body fat, especially intense exercise, or severe diet.
Stress physical and / or psychological, physical or associated metabolic disorders. The stress by itself is unlikely to cause infertility.
Anorexia or Bulimia
Alcohol and drug abuse
Liver diseases that affect estrogen metabolism
Disease of the adrenal
some diets
other Toxic

Advanced age. With increasing age above 35 years begin to decrease the chances of pregnancy. The possibility of getting pregnant decreases with age because the organs reduce their ability to peak performance over time. The eggs are created grow and die like all living matter and require that the environment and are healthy sperm to achieve pregnancy. But this is relative because many women get pregnant without problems after this age.

Very often coexist several of the above causes and find a cause not rule out the simultaneous presence of others. The deal will not solve single problem infertility
The most common symptoms presented women with fertility problems are:
irregular cycles or absence of cycle
clots with menstruation
menstrual cramps
significant changes in mood before or during the period
back pain
pain during intercourse
abundant or very long menstrual bleeding
abnormal genital bleeding
lower abdominal swelling
coffee stained passing period
odorous menstruation
nausea, vomiting or dizziness when you arrive the period

Virtually every woman who has fertility problems have one or more of the above symptoms and although conventional infertility tests to demonstrate the problem to not solve the cause, no pregnancy is achieved. So many women with these symptoms end up undergoing unsuccessful procedures so their chance of cure is shrinking

Inflammatory reactions and infections caused by endometriosis often cause obstruction, adhesions, cysts, etc., with negative effects on fertility. Thus, treating inflammation improves the chances of pregnancy, as long as there are no other associated causes.