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Sexual Dysfunction

Having of problem by individuals where they cannot experience full satisfaction out of the sexual activity during the phase of any sexual response is referred as Sexual dysfunction or sexual problem. The sexual response has four major phases consisted of excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. As per the research carried out, it has been found that 31% of women are found having of sexual dysfunction and 73% of men reportedly having of this problem with certain amount of difficulty. This is such kind of topic which people feel very much embarrassed to discuss in open. Those sexual dysfunctions are curable and it is only the people who have to share it and find out solution of such concerns especially with their own partner as well as their own doctor.

When it comes to causes, it has been found that such dysfunction is a result of some of the common physical and psychological problem. The physical and Psychological problems causing such kind of dysfunction are discussed as follows.

Physical causes – Your sexual function can be disturbed by some sort of medical conditions which can be included of diabetes, hormonal disorders, chronic diseases such as kidney, liver failure, drug abuse as well as alcoholism. Besides these if an individual has heart and vascular disease, hormonal imbalances as well as neurological disorders then it will cause sexual dysfunction to that person. Further, too much usage of certain medications comprised of antidepressant drugs may have ill effect towards sexual desire and function as well.

Psychological causes – If the person has too many concerns about his own work and different other related stresses, fears, depression, feeling of guilt, relationship problems accompanied by past sexual trauma, then the individual person would have sexual dysfunction. This kind of dysfunction happens to both the men and women.

What the consequences of such sexual problem are to a person?
Most of the common consequences drawn by a person consisted of ejaculation disorders, inhibited sexual desire, erectile dysfunction etc. Ejaculation disorders are the condition where the individuals either don’t ejaculate after sexual stimulation or ejaculate earlier before getting climax which is also known as premature ejaculation. Here is a list of different types of ejaculation discussed below.

Premature ejaculation – It is a condition in which the individual ejaculate before or soon after his penetration of his penis into the vagina. If it happens, it would leave your partner sexually dissatisfied and as a result of it she would be feeling frustrated.

Inhibited or retarded ejaculation – It is a kind of condition where the individual would find ejaculation getting slower to occur.

Retrograde ejaculation – It happens when the ejaculate is forced back to bladder after the person has reached orgasm instead of coming out through urethra as well as end of the penis.

Erectile dysfunction- It is a kind of condition where the person cannot attain or maintain the erection of his penis required for intercourse. It mainly causes because of the diseases such as nerve disorders, hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), which are affecting the blood flow. Sometimes the persons who are having of psychological factors such as depression and stress, performance anxiety would have the same fate and suffer from such erectile dysfunction.