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Orgasm Disorder

An orgasm disorder is also a form of sexual dysfunction which is caused by psychiatric disorder in which the patient cannot enjoy the orgasm even though he has adequate amount of stimulation. Beside the psychiatric disorder, one would also find such patient suffering from problems caused by the medical problems. Some of the instances of such kinds of disorders mainly consisted of hormonal imbalances, genital surgery, pelvic trauma, diabetic neuropathy, multiple sclerosis and genital mutilation or complications from total hysterectomy, as well as injury to spinal cord.

It has come into the notice that such kind of anorgasmia is commonly found in females and less in males. Medically it is the kind of difficulty in getting orgasm even though the person has sexual stimulation in plenty. And it leaves the partner very much in frustration which further even has the power to deteriorate the flourished or established relationship.

Now some people might be wondering what could be the common causes and for them it is the best idea to let them know that sometimes usage of anti-depressants causes such disorders. One common primary form of such disorders is Anorgasmia which is a kind of condition where the individual has never experienced such kind of pleasurable orgasm.

There are women who tend to be very much excited talking about the sexual pleasure and huge amount of excitement is seen but when it comes to orgasm they never able to enjoy it. For them they tend to draw out their pleasure from approval, attention, holding, kissing, touching and caressing etc.

Frustration is the only result the women who draw huge amount of sexual response without getting the orgasm get it. In fact, as per the research there is no obvious reason why such orgasm cannot be obtained. Even some women cannot find such kinds of orgasm despite they have skilled partner and they too have adequate amount of time and privacy although they don’t have any kind of issues relating to medical and causing out long term sexual dissatisfaction.

Although, they are unable to orgasm but it does not mean they won’t be able to reproduce; they can have their own children it has nothing to do with inability of obtaining orgasm. There is another form of anorgasmia which is all about losing of the ability to enjoy orgasms and some of the well researched causes which have been found include of alcoholism, depression, grief, pelvic surgery followed by many other kinds of medications. Even the illness, estrogen deprivation related to menopause would also cause such kind of inability to orgasm.

When it comes to treatment for solution such solution deriving treatment relies upon the cause; if the cause is psychological by nature such as sexual trauma, inhibition, etc. then right counseling is the advice by most of the experts on this subject. Through proper counseling such kind of fear, anxiety and different other forms of psychological pressure would be eased out.